StepOn-Pro Step Tracker Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Apple Watch - Full Fitness Review

Apple Watch - Full Fitness Review Fitness Trackers | Bands | Tech | Gadgets that I recommend: Buy Apple Watch from ...

Samsung Gear S2: Fitness Tracking and Exercising Review of S-Health

My Camera : My Lens : My Microphone : Today I give my overview on the Gear S2 as ...

App Review: My Effectiveness Priority & Task Android App Review

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 Stars- Brief review video on the MY EFFECTIVENESS App on the Android market. Highly effective for proactive people looking for ...

Using the Apple Watch series 2 as an activity tracker | Ars Technica

There's a lot to talk about in the Apple Watch series 2. Ars Technica's Valentina Palladino tests out the series 2 Apple Watch as an activity tracker: she compares ...

Fitness Watch - Pedometer & step counter, Activity tracker, Heart Rate Monitor - FitShopPro This Fitness Watch is simply the best activity tracker at the best price.

Twin Brothers Create App to find Pick up basketball Games

Twin Brothers Create App to find Pick up basketball Games.

How to Use Health App on iPhone and iPad

iPhone comes with a new free Health app that stores one's health and fitness data and controls what is shared with other health and fitness apps. How does it ...

Unboxing & Using the Q50 Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Kids - [In English]

Before we made this video, we had to watch several videos in Chinese and Russian to understand how to use the Q50 Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Kids.

Installing The Fitbit App on My Android Phone

A video that shows the steps to install the Fitbit App on an Android Phone and how to pair the devices.

Fuel Monitor iPhone App Review

Always dreamed of knowing exactly how much your journey costs? To be able to split the cost with your fellow students without arguments? To let your boss ...

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